NVBMB Spring symposium: 31st of March 2021

Wednesday the 31st of March, the NVBMB Spring symposium on Mitochondrial physiology and pathology will take place.

Mitochondrial physiology and pathology. In total, nine invited speakers will present their work. The lectures will discuss subjects ranging from the molecular to the clinical level. Examples include the biogenesis of the protein supercomplexes involved in oxidative phosphorylation, the assessment of mitochondrial bioenergetics at the single-cell level, the use of cellular and mouse models to investigate mitochondrial (dys)function in the context of aging and various pathologies, the clinical aspects of mitochondrial DNA mutations and the use of stem cell-based therapies to combat mitochondrial disease.

Registration for the symposium is free but mandatory. Please register on the following website: https://nvbmb.kncv.nl/meetings/spring-meeting-2020/nvmb-spring-meeting-2021