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For education in pharmacology, the Dutch Pharmacological Society collaborates with the Dutch Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Biopharmacy ( Our main project is the development of a national exam in pharmacotherapy, please see for more information.

Education Committee of the Dutch Pharmacological Society

Mission statement: to ensure and stimulate professional standards of teaching of pharmacology in institutes of higher education in The Netherlands.
Goals of the Education Committee (EC) of the Dutch Pharmacological Society (DPS) are:
– To make an inventory of teaching activities in pharmacology within programs of Dutch universities and other higher education institutions
– Create awareness of the choices made in formulating specific learning objectives covering pharmacological topics for each course
– Create unity with regard to further education/end terms of programs/future employers. To this end the EC will strive to publish, at the DPS website, widely supported and well substantiated learning objectives for teaching in pharmacology
– To collaborate with other relevant (inter)national scientific societies with a focus on teaching of pharmacology, with the goal to harmonize the practice of teaching in pharmacology
– To create a platform for ‘best practices’ and exchange of learning materials for all lecturers involved in pharmacology teaching
– To provide the opportunity for lecturers in pharmacology to professionalize and extent their teaching toolkits, but also to secure the quality of pharmacology teaching and education

Current members of the EC are:

  • Dr. Benjamin Drukarch, Amsterdam University Medical Centers – location VUmc
  • Dr. Rick Greupink, Radboud University Medical Center
  • Dr. Ben Janssen, Maastricht University
  • Dr. Floor van Rosse, Erasmus Medical Center
  • Dr. Anneke van Houwelingen, Utrecht University
  • Dr. Hoeke Baarsma,  University of Groningen
  • Dr. Micha Wilhelmus (Chair), Amsterdam University Medical Centers – location VUmc