Prof. Van Zwieten Award

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Dutch Pharmacological Society awards the Prof. Van Zwieten Award for the best PhD thesis defended in the Netherlands in the filed of pharmacology. The award will be received at the Spring NVF meeting.

Selection criteria are:

  • the scientific quality of the PhD thesis
  • the focus on pharmacology
  • member of NVF

Nomination deadline

Year 2019: 1st of October 2020

Year 2020: 1st of February 2021


Previous awardees:

2019: Dr. Miloš Mihajlović (year 2018)

Thesis title: A next step towards bioartificial kidney: preclinical safety evaluation










2018: Dr. Birgit Honrath (year 2017)

Thesis title: Mitochondrial dysfunction in oxidative stress: On the impact of neuronal KCa channels & calcium signaling in neurodegeneration.


2017: Dr. Tom Schirris (year 2016)

Thesis title: Identifying on- and off-target mitochondrial drug effects by systems medicine