Antoinette Maassen van den Brink inaugurated as Professor of Neurovascular Pharmacology at Erasmus MC

Antoinette started 30 years ago in the vascular laboratory at the Dept. of Pharmacology at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam. She was a PhD student studying migraine under the guidance of Dr. Pramod Saxena, and co-promotor Dr. Michel Ferrari, currently both emeritus professors, respectively at Erasmus University and Leiden University. Antoinette has built up a formidable international career as a neurovascular pharmacologist. She has successfully applied for the VENI, VIDI and VICI grant, and was rewarded the ASPASIA grant for this extraordinary feat. Her research is multidisciplinary and has a strong translational character, involving organ culture, organ-on-a-chip approaches, animal work and studies in humans, both testing functional aspects as well as associations between migraine and other diseases. The involvement of migraine-related cardiovascular and the role of risk sex differences herein marks the importance of her work for health care. This clinical relevance has led her to be interviewed by public media, such as broadcasted news programs, newspapers and magazines. Antoinette has been a board member of the Dutch and European Societies of Pharmacology. We are very proud that Antoinette has now obtained her professorship. Dear Antoinette, congratulations on behalf of the staff of NVF. We wish you a successful continuation of your career.